Why is it important to retain a lawyer after a house fire?

Author: Manveen Bening | | Categories: Law Firm , Legal Services

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Experiencing a house fire can be traumatic and hard to cope with both physically and mentally. Ideally, the repercussions can be expensive and daunting; insurance claims, property damage assessments and liability issues. By contacting JSM Law, we ensure to assist and guide you through this tragic time.

What do you do following a fire?

  • File your insurance claim, collect the facts, and note down all important details about the incident.
  • Take photos if safe to re-enter in order to have some evidence to document proof of lost property.
  • Document all possessions that were damaged and moved off site.
  • Call a lawyer that has experience dealing with home fires.

How can JSM Law help you?

  • We assess liability for fire loss and work with you on a legal strategy to get compensation for medical bills, property damage, pain and suffering and more.
  • We will help you to obtain fair compensation from the insurance company. For further details, contact JSM Law at 1-855-576-5291, or at info@jsmlaw.ca so that our group of professionals can help you during this difficult time.