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Study in Canada

Canada offers world class education and has seen a growth of International students every year. The number of International students have increased steadily since mid-2000’s and has seen more than 621,600 international students in 2021. While there is a rapid increase in international students worldwide, Canada provides high standard of living, International students will benefit from the same rights and freedoms that protect all Canadians such respect for human rights, equality, diversity, a stable and peaceful society. Come and study in Canada to enjoy the richness of the Canadian culture, social life, vibrant communities and all four seasons. For reasons as such, Canada ranks in third place globally for the best quality of life.

You as an International student will find flexible and high quality education option. There are more than 8,000 colleges and 16,000 university programs to choose from and out of which 7 Canadian universities are ranked among the top 200 in the world.

Furthermore, in Canada you can apply for affordable options by getting scholarships alongside getting work opportunities to help pay for your education. Many programs offer co-op and internships. And Aside from this many international students are eligible for work during their studies and can apply for a post-graduation work permit.

As a recipient of a Canadian qualification, you open many pathways to build your career. Regardless of whether you decide to stay in Canada or return to your home country, a Canadian education will help prepare you for an excellent future.

A recent study has shown that about 6 in 10 international students who were employed while they were studying or after they had graduated became landed immigrants within 10 years of receiving their first study permit.

To apply for a Canadian Student Visa (study permit), students must be enrolled in one of the many Designated Learning Institutions available. You must have received an acceptance letter from the designated institution prior to applying for a Canadian student visa:

  • Proof of acceptance and enrolment to an accredited institution in Canada
  • Proof that you have sufficient funds to pay for your tuition fees, living expenses for you and any family members that may accompany you
  • Ties to their home country and evidence that you and your family members who come with you have intentions of leaving Canada and returning to your home country by the end of your study.
  • You must have no criminal record and not be a risk to the security of Canada
  • You must be medically admissible and willing to complete a medical examination, if required

Processing time

Processing time varies greatly and is influenced on your country of residence. Processing time can be as less as 1-2 weeks or as long as 16 weeks.

Post – Graduation Work Permit

After graduating from an eligible program at an accredited Canadian institution, you may qualify to apply for Post-Graduation Work Permit Program. This is a program offered to graduated a three year open work permit. A job offer is not required to obtain an open work permit.

Once you receive a written confirmation that you are graduating (transcript or an official letter from your institution) you must apply within 180 days of receiving that confirmation. Please make sure that you still have status as a student when you are applying from a Post Graduation Work Permit.

Eligibility for Post – Graduation Work Permit

  • Possess a valid study permit
  • Have studied full-time and maintained satisfactory academic standing in their program of study for atleast eight months preceeding their application for a post-graduation work visa
  • Have graduated from an accredited Canadian institution and have applied for a work permit within 180 days of receiving confirmation of meeting the requirements for the program

A post -graduation work permit may assist applicants towards permanent residence but should be noted that to be that to be granted a three year work permit, the program of study must be a minimum of two years.

Student Visa Refusals

Student visas are sometimes refused as visa-required countries must ensure that there is a strong application made for the applicant to convince the visa officer for an approval of a student visa. Countries that require a visa to enter Canada are subjected to a harsher screening process than those countries that do not require a visa to enter Canada. Hence, an application for student visa requires detailed family and personal information. Canadian student visa is done by electronically or paper application in exceptional cases without an interview and thus requires a strong application as Immigration officers make decision based on the information provided in the application.

Many times, people apply at their own and miss crucial information that needs to be included in their application which leads to the refusal of their student visa.

There are various reasons for student visa refusals such as lack of a logical study plan and applicant has not provided enough evidence to convince the visa officer that the main purpose to come to Canada was to study.

  • Lack of sufficient funds to prove that Applicant has financial support to pay for their tuition and living expenses
  • Lack of evidentiary documents
  • Lack of travel history
  • Lack of evidence that the Applicant’s sole purpose of coming to Canada was for study
  • Illegal status in Country of Residence
  • Unauthentic documents
  • Other reasons such as criminality, deportation, medical inadmissibility, misrepresentation in filing of documents, Human Rights Violations

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