The JSM Law Advantage:

  • We have staff dedicated exclusively to dealing with Civil Litigation, Personal Injury Law, Corporate Law, Immigration Law, Criminal Law, Family Law, Condominium Law, Real Estate Law, and Estates Law.
  • We limit the number of cases that we undertake to ensure that your client will receive exceptional service
  • We have an extensive track record of success with legal matters. Our team has the experience to mediate the matter to a successful settlement or, when necessary, to proceed by way of trial;
  • Our Lawyer Referral Program provides a competitive referral fee to your firm, all in compliance with the rules set by the Law Society of Ontario;
  • You will gain a revenue source and you will not have to incur any additional overhead.

Referral fees

Referring a client to another in exchange for payment or other reward is subject to the below Law Society requirements and transparency measures.

General requirements

  • The referral fee must be fair and reasonable and not increase the total amount of the fee payable by the client
  • Referral fees must be capped based on a percentage of the legal fee:
    • 15% for the first $50,000 of legal fees, and
    • 5% of all legal fees thereafter to an absolute cap of $25,000
  • Referral fees cannot be paid to licensees whose licenses were suspended at the time of referral or because the licensee had a conflict of interest
  • Up-front referral fees are prohibited
  • Licensees who provide legal services through civil society organizations (CSOs), such as charities or not-for-profit corporations may not pay or receive referral fees
General requirements

For more information about the LSO rules regarding referral fees, please visit.

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