Child custody and support

Child custody and support

When a couple is separating, usually one of the concerns is regarding child custody. Custody means more than just having the child live with you but also making important decisions regarding the child’s school, religion, medical and everyday decisions.

Sole Custody

When only one parent is making the important and major decisions of a child’s life, they have sole custody of the child and are considered the primary custodian. The other parent usually gains an access order from the Court to visit the child and the right to know about the decisions the primary custodian makes for the child.

Joint Custody

This is where both parties make important and major decisions regarding the child together. It is subdivided into further categories:

  1. Joint Custody with Primary Care and Control
    Child lives primarily with one parent with visitation rights for the other parent on weekends and holidays. Both the parents will make decisions of the child jointly.
  2. Joint Custody with periods of Care and Control
    Child will spend periods of their time between parents whichever is in the best interests of the child, their primary residence will be with the parent who has the primary care and control.

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