Canada Deporting Students As Visa Documents Are Found To Be Fake! How Can Incidents Like This Be Avoided In The Future?

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In recent news, the Canadian government has taken decisive action to deport thousands of students whose visa documents were discovered to be fake. These documents include university/college admission letters and other crucial paperwork. As a reputable law firm in Mississauga, Ontario, JSM Law understands the significance of this issue and aims to inform and educate individuals about the consequences of such fraudulent activities. In this blog, we delve into the ongoing debate surrounding these deportations, the impact on affected customers, and how similar incidents can be avoided in the future.

The Mass Deportations and Innocent Victims

Over 700 Indian students who applied for student visas through Education Migration Services, led by Brijesh Mishra in Jalandhar, find themselves facing deportation notices from the Government of Canada. These students, along with their families, invested their life savings in the hope of a better future, only to be deceived by fraudulent immigration agents. The consultant charged each student between Rs. 16 to Rs. 20 lakhs for various expenses and admission fees to Humber College.

After arriving in Canada, the students received distressing phone calls from Brijesh Mishra, informing them of a deferment in their admission to Humber College. Subsequently, they were advised to apply to other institutions to save time. Following the completion of their two-year diploma programs, the students applied for Post Graduate Work Permits and eventually sought Permanent Residency based on the requirements. However, upon scrutinizing their documents, it was revealed that the study permits and post-graduate work permits were fraudulently obtained.

The Consequences and Seeking Legal Help

Facing deportation notices, these students now find their dreams shattered as they are asked to leave Canada, abruptly halting their pursuit of a bright future in the country. The Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) is not accepting claims of innocence from the students, citing the fact that the documents were signed by the students themselves rather than the consultant, Brijesh Mishra. This implies that the students were aware of the falsified documents and the fraudulent process. As a result, these students are now in urgent need of legal assistance from Canadian lawyers who can help challenge their deportation notices in court.

Avoiding Fraud and Protecting Your Future

Incidents like this highlight the pressing need for caution and proper legal guidance when pursuing study, visitation, immigration, or refugee status in Canada. It is crucial to consult duly licensed Canadian lawyers to ensure that you receive credible information and navigate the Canadian immigration system without encountering procedural faults or falling victim to fraud.

Remember, when it comes to your future in Canada, seeking the guidance of a trusted and experienced legal professional is essential to ensure a successful and lawful immigration process. Don't let yourself be duped and defrauded. Consult a duly licensed Canadian lawyer for all your immigration needs today.

At JSM Law, we understand the complexities of Canadian immigration law and strive to assist individuals in achieving their immigration goals while avoiding potential pitfalls.

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