Dealing with Road Rage: Tips for Staying Safe Behind the Wheel

Author: Manveen Bening |

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When driving, emotions are high and sometimes drivers can get aggressive.

For the safety of yourself and others it’s important to understand how to deal with road rage.

In these scenarios it’s best to; allow the driver to pass, let it go & stay calm, or report the situation.

1) Allow the driver to pass.

Usually, “road ragers” are in a rush and allowing them to pass will calm the situation.

This way the issue won’t escalate, and both drivers can avoid further issues.

2) Let it go, and stay calm.

If a driver is gesturing to you, ignore it. Instead of feeding into their anger, cut off the situation and drive away. If you think the driver is still pestering you, take a different route.

3) Report to the police; contact the authorities.

If the driver continues to harass you, call the authorities to report the driver’s behavior. If there is a nearby station, report the driver. Make sure that you can identify the driver, their license plate and location of the situation.

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