The Importance of Having a Will

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Most of us spend time planning for the future, but when it comes to having a last will and testament, many of us put it off. It may be that it’s unpleasant to think about or that it seems like just one more overwhelming task to tackle. Either way, more than half of Canadians don’t have one in place.

But when it comes to planning for the future, having a will in place is essential. There are many benefits to having a well-crafted will. Here we will discuss just a few of those benefits:

1. It saves time and money

Having a will in place can help avoid unnecessary taxes on your estate and additional legal fees. Having a will ensures your loved ones aren’t stuck with any additional expenses and makes the most of the assets and possessions you leave behind for them.

2. It makes for a smooth legal process and avoids unnecessary conflict

Having your will prepared ensures that someone will be designated to oversee the distribution of your assets. It also simplifies the probate process (the legal validation of your estate and administration of your possessions). It helps to avoid any unnecessary conflict among surviving family members and loved ones who are already grieving. It also ensures they don’t face unnecessary delays in the legal process, and it takes the burden off of them to sort things out for themselves.

3. It ensures your wishes are honored

Having a will prepared ensures your assets are distributed just as you would want them to be. Whether it’s money, property, possessions, items of personal value, or other assets, having a will guarantees they will end up where you want them to go. Whether it’s directed to family members, friends, charities, trust funds, or funeral costs, you can have full control over where your assets are distributed.

These are just a few of the benefits of having a will. But still, it can be a confusing and overwhelming process. That’s why having a legal expert to help guide you through the process is equally important.

The legal professionals at JSM LAW provide affordable, compassionate, and understanding expertise in this area. We will guide you through the whole process and draft your will for you, ensuring accuracy, clarity, transparency, and legal expertise along the way. By choosing to create a will with JSM LAW, you will ensure both you and your loved ones will experience peace of mind knowing your future wishes will be fulfilled with a well-crafted will.

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